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About The Try Sudoku Player

The latest version of the Try Sudoku Player has extensive features, including:

  • Reset Grid option for when things go horribly wrong

  • Show Solution function if you give up!

  • Check Solution option: see if you have got the solution right, or see how far off the correct solution you are. Tells you how many cells do not contain the correct value

  • Undo Moves: ability to undo your moves: the entire game history is recorded so can rewind your game right back to your very first move!

  • Show Wrong Moves: this option will highlight any mistakes currently on the grid and any future ones you make, whilst the option is selected. Wrong moves are shown in red text which is italicised

  • Show Hints function: when you click in any cell the Hints function will display the possible numbers that can be entered in that cell, based on the other numbers filled in on the grid

  • Timer function: if you want to play against the clock, you can time how long it takes you to complete a puzzle

  • Save Game: when logged in a user can save their current position at any point, and then return directly to that position in the game when they next visit the site.

  • Members Section: register for free, and enjoy the powerful Save Game functionality

Example Sudoku Grid