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The Giant Sudoku eBook

Like Sudoku? love the Giant eBook of Sudoku Puzzles! It is jam packed with an incredible 500 Sudoku Puzzles for you to play and puzzle over. Simply print and play the puzzle(s) whenever you like, with the answer always close by on the very next page.

Not content with standard sudoku, we've also loaded this ebook with fun sudoku puzzle variants:Sudoku X and Killer Sudoku. Here is the make up of the puzzles in this ebook:

500 Sudoku Puzzles

  • 200 Sudoku puzzles
  • 200 Sudoku X puzzles
  • 100 Killer Sudoku puzzles

Sudoku X is like standard sudoku but with the added complexity that the diagonals also contain 1 - 9 once only - [View sample Sudoku X] to see this illustrated!

Killer sudoku is another kettle of fish again. This time no numbers are placed on the grid to help you out, but you are told the sums of sets of cells on the grid. Again each row, column and box must contain the numbers once and once only. [View Killer Sudoku Sample] to see how it works!

This massive, huge book of 500 varied sudoku puzzles can be yours for just 3.49 Euros - why pay shop prices to get hold of just 100 or so standard sudokus when you can get 500 mixed puzzles for this low price?